Unistone medicine is one of the Unani Medicine which is passed by Govt. Lab by with success it is govt. registered medicine ALHAMDULLIAH since 8 years specially in gall bladder & kidney stone, ureter, uti tract & burning micturtion which cure all the problems with good results with supporting to have best results or next time stone will not reform also have full chances there is no side effects in this medicine any age patients like, babies adults, elders, aged patients & can also used this patients if your stones is hard or soft mostly 99% good results.

All patients have to medicine by seeing the results of all other patients result; Reports or Interviews which is given by patients by yourself satisfaction ND any force by pharmacy or staff to take the medicine.

Good News for all patients of both kidney & gall bladder stones “No more stones “no more operation” & “No side effects” on these medicine home delivery available Timing: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM If your stone dissolve with in the given time period. The medicine which you have is not taken back & didn’t provide to any other patient you can continue the medicine to not reform the stone next time. Because the stone once enter in the body it come again & again in a yearly, or in a months also with uni stone medicine you can save your money, likely 50,000 to 1 lakh & mainly you can save your blood with surgery & time & there is no strictly food restriction & “NO SIDE EFFECTS” & in uni stone medicine have all natural ingredients & didn’t have any harm to patients with this medicine.

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